Access to large and chemically diverse new molecule libraries is critical to drug discovery. In the last 50 years, over half of the major breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry have been natural products. Today, 60% of chemotherapeutics entering late stage clinical trials are of microbial origin.

Once microbial natural products were the province of large Pharma. Now, large companies and smaller start-up companies alike can harness the biodiversity of microorganisms as a resource for discovery. Whether you have a single bioassay or 100s of targets with time-lines measured in weeks, Microbial Screening Technologies offers microbial diversity tailored to your discovery needs.

Our culture library presents the full kaleidoscope of microbial diversity as a fully usable resource at your fingertips. Numbering over 400,000 fungi, actinomycetes and other bacteria, it is one of the largest microbial collections in the world.

As a by-product of our discovery effort we have isolated many rare microbial metabolites, which represent a diverse range of chemical structures and biological activities. BioAustralis, our fine chemicals trading company, has been established to make these often difficult to source metabolites available as tools for research.

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